15 Best Free Phone Tracker Apps (Android - iPhone) In 2023

Farwa Sajjad Last updated: August 15, 2023 Reading time: 22 minutes
Best Tracker Apps

Cell phone tracking apps allow you to trace someone’s private activities without consent. By secretly downloading the tracker app on an individual’s phone, anyone can follow their location and monitor their actions like text messages, browsing history, photo gallery, and activities on social networking sites.

Several free and paid cell phone tracker apps exist, but most free ones are fake or virus carriers. This is not good news for anyone unwilling to invest in a paid tracker app. Fortunately, some tracking apps offer a trial or demo version, allowing you to use them for free. This way, you can also test their functionalities, and if satisfied, you can opt for an extended subscription.

After thorough research and testing, the following article reviews the best free cell phone tracker apps you must consider, so let’s explore more about them.

Why Use cell phone Tracking Apps