8 Best and (Totally Free) VPNs For Torrent Downloading In 2024

Last updated: April 8, 2024 Reading time: 24 minutes
Best VPNs

Before getting into much detail, let’s first have a quick overview of the eight best free VPN providers for torrenting that you can use in 2024:

Totally free VPNs but Data Limits:

  1. TunnelBear: It uses strong encryption, making it a great option to use for torrenting.
  2. Hotspot Shield: Users can access one server location, and it offers 500MB of daily day.
  3. Hide.me: It belongs to Malaysia and follows a no-log policy, even in the free version.
  4. Atlas VPN: It has a monthly data limit of 10 GB, and users can connect to three server locations.
  5. Privado VPN: It has a 10GB monthly data limit and uses strong encryption to secure your torrent traffic.
  6. Windscribe: It allows users to connect to ten servers and increase their monthly data limit.
  7. Zoog VPN: It offers a 10GB monthly data limit and supports torrenting on a few servers.