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Torrent Proxy Settings With uTorrent And BitTorrent

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Torrent Proxy Settings

A proxy is another computer that functions as a center through which the internet requests are managed and handled. By connecting to one of the servers, your computer sends a request to the server, later processing your request and giving you back what you want. In this way, a proxy serves as an intermediate between a user’s home machine and other computers on the internet.

There are several reasons for using a proxy. Proxies filter web content, go around restrictions like parental blocks, screen uploads, and downloads, and provide users with anonymity while surfing.

Proxies are also known to surf the web anonymously. They offer means to hide your real identity and the IP address from the public. When you connect to the internet through proxies, then the IP address of your computer will not be shown, but instead, the IP of the proxy server will be the internet.

Proxies are numerous, which can provide more privacy to the users, but not all proxies work with the same terms and conditions. Some proxies are both free for the public or charge some fee. It is entirely up to the user to decide which proxy to choose. But it has been found that proxies that charges fees provide better security are steadfast and work much better and faster than unpaid proxies.

Reasons to Use a Proxy Server:

There are various reasons to use a proxy server. Some of them are mentioned below:

To control internet usage:

Proxy servers are used by various corporations and by local users to keep a check on the activities of other users. For instance, parents and organizations use proxy servers to check the activities of their children and employees. By using proxy servers, one can easily monitor all the logs and web requests and also come to know the time spent on any blocked site.

Privacy Benefits:

Different organizations and individuals use proxy services to use the internet more privately. The proxy servers sometimes change the web request’s IP address and other identifying information. The destination server doesn’t recognize who made the actual request, which keeps the personal information and browsing habits more confidential.

Better Security:

The proxy servers offer better security benefits. You can organize your server to encrypt all your web requests to keep interfering eyes from reading transactions by using proxy servers. Through proxy servers, malware sites are prevented from any access.

How to setup proxy in the uTorrent client:

By following the steps given below, you can easily set up a proxy in the uTorrent client:

  • Open uTorrent.
  • Go to options and then to Preferences.
  • Click on connections
  • After going to connections, come to the proxy section, for ‘’Type’’.
  • In the Type section, choose HTTP, HTTP, SOCKS5 (depending on the streaming sites you are using)
  • Just next to Proxy section is the Proxy field, type the IP address of the proxy server you wish to use.
  • Then in the port field, enter the port number.
  • Enter your VPN username and password.
  • Click on the ‘’OK’’ tab.

How to setup proxy in BitTorrent client:

The steps followed to set up proxy in BitTorrent client are the same as the uTorrent the only difference is of the opening of BitTorrent instead of uTorrent.

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