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12 Best Torrent9 Alternatives In 2022 (November Updated)

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Best Torrent9 Alternatives
Torrent9 Is not Available Anymore – Here is a quick list of Alternatives you can use

Since Torrent9 no longer exists and the website has long since posed several issues, here are a few working Torrent9 Alternatives that offer a reliable torrenting experience. However, torrenting comes with significant risks, such as malware, ISP throttling, online surveillance, and much more. Therefore it is crucial to use a reliable VPN for torrenting that works well with all of the following Torrent9 alternatives and ensures a secure torrenting experience:

  1. Kickass Torrent: It supplies a massive collection of content, including movies, shows, and anime.
  2. EZTVbest for Tv shows and provides a countdown option for users to know the release of their favorite TV shows.
  3. Torrentz2: It serves as a massive content provider. Whenever you search for a show or a movie, it will assist you to the torrent sites matching your search.
  4.  iDope: it allows its users to download torrents from search. And provide content such as; Movies, Anime, TV shows, applications, and games
  5. Cpasbien:  It is one of the most efficient torrent sites providing a wide variety of content.
  6. RARBG: This website enables peer-to-peer sharing and magnet links and has a simple, user-friendly interface. It provides content such as media, including games, software, and movies.
  7. 1337X: This website is user-friendly and easy to access. It provides a vast variety of content, for instance, movie games, audiobooks, etc.
  8. LimeTorrents: It gives a fast user interface, free content, a few adverts, and the ability to generate an account.
  9. YGG Torrent: It is recognized as one of the best BitTorrent tracker websites, offering the largest selection of premium downloads (for free). It also supports P2P file sharing.
  10. ThePirateBay: This site assists both P2P file sharing and magnet links. The user interface UI is easy to operate and provides considerable content.  
  11. Zooqle: It provides over 150,000 games on-site. And the interface of Zooqle is reasonably decent.
  12. GKTorrent: This site provides numerous options for shows, apps, eBooks, PC games, consoles, software, TV series, etc.

Torrent9 was one of the most famous torrenting sites. It was well-known in the torrenting and file-sharing domain primarily because of its significantly large content library of 2.4 million torrent files consisting of a vast selection of films, TV series, audio files, software, games, etc. Apart from that, Torrent9 was well-liked by the P2P community partly because of its quick loading time and appealing look. The best thing about Torrent9 is that it made it easy to locate the most recent torrent files across BitTorrent trackers.

However, the website had to undergo a torrent ban for providing copyrighted and pirated content. But even while it was functional, the website had several issues that hindered providing a good experience. For starters, Torrent9 often removed the download options from its page, claiming that it no longer offered downloads. Moreover, the website often was “under maintenance.” These reasons, therefore, compelled users to explore various Torrent9 Alternatives.

This article will help explore a list of options for torrent9 alternative sites that offer a lot more than torrent9 and can be used to download torrents easily.

Why use Torrent9 alternatives? Why did it shut down?

Although torrenting is the most common method for accessing several books, movies, music, and TV shows, it is often frowned upon. It is no news that these sites mostly contain pirated content which is why countries practicing strict copyright laws ban torrent sites. 

Torrent9, like all other major torrent sites, was subjected to the torrent ban. However, it rose to prominence before its demise, which is why it is still searched for today. Its users still look for torrent9 alternatives on the internet.

The Best Torrent9 Alternatives You Should Try:

Here is a list of some of the most well-known and top-ranked torrent sites. All these sites are excellent alternatives to Torrent9.

1. Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent

 One of the most significant torrent options is Kickass Torrent which launched in 2008. The site has a convenient and easy-to-use interface that provides many options to select and download. It has an active community of 165,000 members

Unfortunately, it was shut down by the US government, but it’s still among the most excellent torrent9 alternatives. The website has a search bar allowing users to search for anything they need right off the webpage, including TV shows, movies, video games, and even music. Additionally, the torrenting site provides a welcoming community and a constantly updated blog. On top of that, It also offers a detailed FAQ section with all the information people might need about the website and how to navigate it. 

2. EZTV 


EZTV is one of the most prominent torrent alternatives of torren9. It is an old-fashioned uploader on par with YIFY. The website is known as the king of TV shows because of its vast collection. The community behind this site is very active and uploads new episodes of all TV shows as soon as they are released. So, if users are interested in TV shows, this site is best for you. 

There is one unique feature on the site, the countdown option, which allows its users to know the next release date of the episode. Users can also keep a tab on the status of their favorite show ( releasing, ending, and returning).

The downside of the site is that it is outdated and very clunky to use. Moreover, there are ads on the website, but users can block them by using an ad blocker. It is also crucial that users try and ensure security wile torrenting by uisng the best VPN for torrenting that hide their IP and protect their data from third parties.

3. Torrentz2


Torrenz2 is another alternative to torrent9, which was established in 2003. It is a meta-search engine for BitTorrent. One of this site’s most prominent features is that it has a simple and easy UI with a prominent search bar similar to google. It is very convenient because the site extracts results from various sources and takes its users directly to its download page. 

The site has a significantly large content library consisting of  movies, TV Series, Music, Applications,  and Games. The search displays suggestions for torrents which helps users get better results. Users can download search results by clicking on the magnet link. There is no single listing for torrents but on the result page itself. The downside of the website is it does not always provide authentic results and is irregular with its searches. 

4. iDope


iDope is next on the list of torrent alternatives available to torrent9. The site downloads torrent files from search. Its search bar is prominent, similar to Google on the homepage. Users can use it to download files such as Movies, Anime, TV shows, applications, and games. The search result depicts the files in a merged category. 

Moreover, users can download torrent files by clicking on the magnet link option next to the search result. In iDope, the magnet link is the only option to download torrent files. 

However, it is best that users use VPN while torrenting to hide their IPs and secure their data from malware or any viruses.  

5. Cpasbien


Cpasbien is another excellent alternative to torrent9, which provides diverse content such as; movies, TV shows, music, ebooks, and games. It is one of the most favorite French-language torrenting sites of users, which contains a vast collection of French films. It has almost 30 million users monthly.

The website has a large and active community. Every month, around 30 million people visit Cpasbien. The library is constantly updated with new torrents, so there is never a lack of new content. The top 100 category makes finding the most recent releases much more accessible.

Moreover, the website is well-planned and user-friendly. However, a slight drawback of Cpasbien is that it does not support magnet links. As a result, users will have to download the “traditional” torrents and load them into a torrent client



RARBG is a website that provides significant free entertainment content to its visitors. It includes magnet links and P2P files for file sharing through the BitTorrent protocol, which makes it easy to access torrent files quickly and in perfect quality. The website was established in 2008.

Moreover, the site is an ideal platform for downloading games, eBooks, music, and software in addition to movies. It is famous for its high content quality and eases to use. The website has heavy traffic, with many torrent files allowing users to access all the unlimited premium content on the internet. 

When torrenting, users might encounter malware or viruses. Therefore, it is crucial to use VPN to encrypt your data and hide your IP. It will also help users bypass ISP throttling and geo-blocks.

7. 1337x


Another reliable alternative to Torrent9,  1337x is not just famous for its massive database of torrent files, but from movies to games, customers can find everything. It is best known for its free content and fast user interface. This website has an easily reachable search function, lots of traffic, and no additional features to delay the process. 

This torrent site provides a magnet link used for P2P file sharing. It has a vast catalog and provides content effortlessly to its users. Some of the most eminent advantages of using 1337x are that there are no ads which makes the torrenting hassle-free, it has a sleek interface, the site is well-trusted, and delivering content for the past 15 years. 

 It was founded 14 years ago in 2007 but gained popularity following the closure of Kickass Torrents. 1337x is well-known among BitTorrent users. Therefore, it is one of the top four most popular torrent websites. 

However, this website is difficult to find on the Google search engine because Google removed the URL of this website after Feelgood Entertainment reported it due to copyright issues. Nevertheless, 1337x has an active community, reliable developer, and trustworthy customer care community.

8. LimeTorrents


Lime torrent is considered a reliable website that offers free and verified file downloads with a single tap. The website is popular due to its reliable user interface, free content, and a few adverts. However, to use this websites, users have to create an account. This also allows for generating an account and the health indicator for each download.

Lime Torrent lets users download music and movies in 1080p resolution. It has a health indicator for each torrent file, helping users download the best torrent files available. Apart from that, this torrent site also ensures a snooth user epeirmve. It has content divided into subsections of movies, games, music, anime, TV shows, and software, helping user sort through content easily.

Furthermore, it has one of the most extensive databases for torrenting files of approximately over 10 million torrents. It has a mix of old and new content. While new releases have many seeders and fast speeds, older content is somewhat harder to find.

The most notable aspect of this torrent is it does not track users’ activity. However, sites contain a limited number of ads, but users can also block them by using an ad blocker.

9. YGG Torrent

YGG Torrent

YGG Torrent is another renowned popular torrent site. It is the most user-friendly platform, with an extensive library that provides movies, documentaries, animations, and audio files. This torrent site offers sports comics, video material, eBooks, and podcasts. And lets users watch 1080p HD movies for free. 

YGG torrent site is easy to navigate and convenient to use. It provides categories and subcategories that allow users to find the content quickly. Around 2.5 million accounts are active on YGG Torrent. 

Moreover, the search tool can filter torrents by name, description, file type, and uploader. Users must register to download anything from this website, but the process is simple and free.

Additionally, it makes excellent use of the YGGTorrent community, which assists users in need. 

10. ThePirateBay


The PirateBay is a highly well-liked torrent site with many features which provide certified content from different areas like Movies, TV shows, Games, Software, and much more. It is a free website that is also considered one of the most well-known torrent sites and gives a bit that lets users examine whether the seeder is trusted or not. However, it provides a customer service team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and has an energetic community of consumers and developers.

Furthermore, the site provides a standard search-based interface with some filtering options. It has been operating for nearly 20 years. While establishing itself as the undisputed king of multi-purpose P2P platforms, providing a simple interface and a vast range of torrents. The site has approximately 5 million registered users and over 120 million seeders.

 Many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, France, Germany, China, and others, have banned the Pirate Bay. Still, users can use a VPN to get around the restrictions.

11. Zooqle


Zooqle is yet another best alternative to torrent9. It is conscious of users’ security and privacy and constantly puts efforts into maintaining it.  It does not track users’ activity; access logs are kept for 24 hours and then deleted for security purposes. This no-log feature makes Zooqle one of the most reliable Torrent9 alternative. 

Additionally, this torrent site provides all the verified content, which means there are few chances your device will contact a virus. It is popular for its user-friendly website interface and basic catalog layout design, allowing users to torrent without struggle.

Moreover, it has around 5 million monthly users and provides server ads. If the consumer is looking for popular games, Zooqle has over 150,000 titles. The site’s interface is sleek and simple, and the uploading community is always vigilant. To download anything from Zooqle, one must first create an account.

However, Zooqle has experienced numerous regional and international website bans over the past few years due to posting unauthorized content. Most regions of the world, including the USA, UK, China, Australia, and other nations with strong legal content policies, no longer allow access to Zooqle. Therefore it is best to use a reliable VPN to secure their data and IP from third parties and malware. 

12. GKTorrent


For French-speaking users, GKTorrent is another excellent Torrent9 alternative. It is precisely for the french audience. The site is laid out similarly to Cpasbien, with the same categories and search options. The best part of this torrent site is it provides several film recommendations and allows you to download them with just one or two clicks. 

This site also provides the latest shows, eBooks, apps, PC games, consoles, software, TV series, etc. It gives users two categories—the most recent contributions and the first 100 characters to search for material. It has a straightforward layout, and the search bar makes exploring even smoother. Simply click on the category you want to download or type the title in the search bar.
The site only provides safe files that will always download completely unless it hits a file with a highly unfavorable seed/leech ratio.


How to use Torrent9 Alternatives safely?

Torrenting is a method of transmitting and receiving files via the internet. It is simple to download/share large amounts of files using torrent websites. However, doing so without a VPN connection and an antivirus program on your device may result in unwelcome consequences.

Users need to learn a few steps before using how to torrent safely.

  • Use VPN for extra privacy.
  • Block viruses with good antivirus
  • Only visit reliable torrent sites 
  • Only install files from authenticated creators.

VPNs are essential in protecting your online privacy by protecting your accurate IP address. A VPN for torrenting is the best solution to hide your identity and your IP address. Some of the best VPNs you can use for torrenting are, for instance: Nord VPN, Proton VPN, Surfshark, Express, Vypr VPN, etc.

Are Torrent9 Alternatives legal to use?

The act of torrenting is not illegal in and of itself. However, downloading and sharing copyrighted material without permission is prohibited, and there is always the risk of being caught by authorities.

Governments and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) work together to see people who distribute unlicensed copyrighted material in many countries, including the United States.

What is Torren9’s New Address?

The new working address of torrent9 is torrent9.am.If torrent9 is not working, you probably want to look for proxy and mirror sites listed below. Users can also unblock torrent9 or use VPN services to access old torrent9 addresses.

Torrent9 Proxy and Mirror Sites:

Torrent9 proxy and mirror sites efficiently provide access to torrent9 websites.Torrent9 proxy and mirror sites provide access to television shows, documentaries, and movies, among other things. The main benefit of using these proxy sites is that you can access the original Torrent9 website. Countries can block torreent9 websites, but users can use proxy mirror sites instead.

These are some of the best proxy sites that will assist you in unlocking torrent9 torrents efficiently. In addition, the provided list of proxy sites is not blocked in most countries.

  • https://www.torrent9.site
  • https://www.torrent9.re 
  • https://torrent9.g3g.guru
  • https://torrent9.proxybit.cfd 
  • https://www4.torrent9.to
  • torrent9.gg

You can just copy and paste these URLs in the google search bar to access these new proxy websites.

Why some of you can’t access Torrent sites?

ISPs around the world are under legal pressure to restrict torrenting websites. Governments prevent thousands of users from accessing otherwise safe and secure P2P platforms to discourage unauthorized torrenting. In most cases, legal authorities have even succeeded in entirely shutting down P2P sites such as TorrentProject and ExtraTorrent.

Moreover, sometimes users can’t access their preferred torrent site and need alternatives because governments frequently block popular torrent sites in certain countries for their copyrighted content. The Chrome Adblock extension is also known for preventing torrent monitoring which means google has taken a few steps to prevent users from accessing many torrent sites by stopping them from search results. 

Are there any risks to using Torrent9 alternatives?

The torrent files that Users download from P2P sharing platforms can contain some significant risks, such as; Malware risks, one of the most common and essential threats you can encounter while torrenting. Many torrent users face legal trouble because it is usually copyrighted or pirated. Once users download a torrent file, they become exposed to cyber-attacks, and finally, Unauthorized parties can access your personal information.

Is Torrent9 gone forever?

It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Torrent9 is currently avoiding government attacks by frequently switching servers, rendering it inaccessible most of the time. 

Final Words:

In conclusion, This comprehensive information is helpful, and users can now access torrent9 alternatives safely. We mentioned some of the best Torrent9 options of torrent9 that users should look into, which will also assist them in accessing their availability. This article also describes Torren9 proxy list domains that are fully operational and includes a guide to avoiding one of the most common issues torrent9 users face.

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