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Best 1337x Alternatives For Better Torrenting – Updated February

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1337x Alternatives

Downloading your favorite torrent file is fun until you know it’s not working fine. If you’re having issues with 1337x, then do consider using its alternatives as below:

Note: It’s highly recommended to use the fastest VPN while torrenting, it will provide better anonymity and security with the fastest downloading.

Quick List Of 1377x Alternatives

  1. Nyaa: You can find anime torrent files in multiple languages with all essential file details.
  2. ExtraTorrent: It has two million users per month but the site doesn’t offer extra options.
  3. iDope: A search engine that besides downloading comes with a dark web accessing option.
  4. TorrentFunk: It has a simple web interface and provides necessary details about each torrent file.
  5. MagnetDL: It offers an extensive content library but doesn’t offer extra features like RSS Feed.
  6. Torrentz2: It is a metasearch engine that obtains files from other websites and search engine
  7. IPTorrents: A private torrent site that you can access after making donations in bitcoins.
  8. TorrentGalaxy: All the torrents are listed on the homepage category-wise with relevant details.
  9. Demonoid: Download content in multiple languages without worrying about intrusive ads. 
  10. BiblioTik: It is a private torrent site that has a vast content library for audiobooks and ebooks.

1377x is one of the best torrent sites that offer the latest anime, TV shows, movies, games, music, and software. The website has impressive features like weekly top and trending torrent lists. Still, it does not always ensure an excellent user experience and thus compels users to use the best 1337x alternatives. 

The site features various faulty torrent file download links. When you click on a torrent file to see the details and continue with the downloading process, it redirects you to some suspicious sites. Also, it bombards you with intrusive ads that might be embedded with malware and can harm your device. By using the alternatives, you mitigate these issues and improve your downloading experience. 

The following article combines the best 1337x alternatives like The Pirate Bay alternatives and Kickass Torrent. Check them out to ensure a safe and reliable torrenting experience. 

10 Best 1337x Alternatives For Downloading Torrents

While these short descriptions just touch the basics of each site, digging a  little deeper into their overviews can help you learn how each alternative ensures the best torrenting experience. 

#1 – Nyaa

Nyaa Torrents

Another best 1337x alternative that you can consider using is Nyaa. It is the most popular and reliable site for downloading anime. You can find anime torrent files in multiple languages with file details like the number of seeders, uploading date, file size, and if any other user has left any comment or not. 

You can search the torrent file by entering your search term in the search bar or filtering the torrent list. The homepage includes category-wise torrent files. Besides downloading anime, Nyaa allows you to download software, apps, and games quickly. 

You can either scroll the web as a guest user or sign up for an account to access the torrent files. It also supports RSS Feed. Moreover, it allows you to upload a torrent file. Another feature is that it doesn’t show pop-up ads and ensures an ad-free downloading experience.

#2 – ExtraTorrents


ExtraTorrents was founded in 2006 and are also among the best 1337x alternatives. It has more than two million users per month attracted to its extensive content library that allows users to download anime, software, movies, TV shows, games, books, and music

Besides this, it also enables the users to download rare pictures and audio files. The website includes the ten most popular torrents in each category. You can see the file details before proceeding with the downloading process. It also provides file health information, which helps decide the torrent file’s reliability.

The web interface is simple but a bit messy, which doesn’t give an attractive look to the users. You can find the latest article section on the left side that informs about the upcoming releases. However, like many other 1337x features, ExtraTorrent doesn’t offer options like RSS Feed and the FAQ or Help center, which users don’t like. 

#3 – iDope

iDope torrents

iDope is basically a search engine but one of the best 1337x alternatives with an incredible dark web feature. Besides allowing the users to download their favorite torrent file, iDope also enables them to access the dark web. 

The torrent site comes with an extensive content library that covers almost every other category that interests a general user. Apart from the content library, the website interface is also easy to use and suits best for mobile users. It means that with iDope downloading torrents on the mobile phone is easy. 

It neatly classifies each torrent category, includes top and recent torrent tabs, and helps find the popular and most recent torrent files. The torrent site offers a slow downloading speed that most users don’t like. Also, it shows ads and redirects you to malicious sites so, make sure that you use a VPN while you access this site. 

#4 – TorrentFunk


TorrentFunk is a great option to use instead of the 1337x. It is a popular torrent downloading website with more than 10 million torrent files in different categories. With such a massive amount of torrent files, you can search and find any torrent file from the database. Also, the website receives a lot of traffic from Alexa. 

When you search for a torrent file, TorrentFunk does provide necessary details about each torrent file and thus allows you to decide its reliability. 

Besides this, the website has a simple user interface. But the thing that irks the users most is the pop-up ads. The site is full of advertisements that sometimes make it hard to find and download the torrent file.

#5 – MagnetDL


MagnetDL is another best 1337x alternative with a similar interface to a search engine but is neat and clean, and easy to use. You can find an extensive content library to download your favorite torrent files from software, movies, music, TV shows, games, and books. The homepage shows the category in which you can download the torrent files. 

When you click on a specific category, you get a list of torrent files from where you can decide which one to download. The files contain relevant details like the uploaded time, type size, file type, number of seeders, and leechers. The website offers a Help section where you can find how to download the torrent, steps for setting up the BitTorrent client, and what steps you should take after downloading. You can download the files quickly and ensure a hassle-free streaming experience

Most people don’t like MagnetDL because it doesn’t offer extra features like schedule downloads, RSS Feed, or instant downloading options. The website updates frequently and doesn’t ruin your torrenting experience with pop-up ads.   

#6 – Torrentz2


Torrentz2 is also a good option to consider when looking for the best 1337x alternatives. It works as a powerful metasearch engine and obtains torrent files from other websites and search engines. It doesn’t host any torrent files, so it’s tough to decide the reliability of the torrent file you want to download. For this reason, the downloading speeds are not very impressive. When you enter a search term, Torrentz2 shows a wide range of results. Also, it tells about the website from where it has taken the files, along with a proper description of the torrent file. 

If you’re searching for any music, movies, or games torrent file, you can find it on Torrentz2. The website offers the best music library. The website interface is not attractive and needs to be updated immediately. There are no options or features that can impress the users. Like other 1337x  alternatives, Torrentz2 also interrupts your downloading experience with pop-up ads. 

#7 – IPTorrents


Another private torrent site that ensures a fast and secure torrent downloading experience is IPTorrents. To use this website, you need to have an invitation or make a donation in bitcoins. For offering a vast content library and active user community, IPTorrents is known as the best 1337x alternative. 

It has a wide range of anime, apps, TV shows, movies, music, and games and offers a fast downloading speed that further improves your user experience. It is a sleek and intuitive interface that is easy to use and navigate. 

The website offers various features like the RSS Feed option, search filter, and FAQs to ensure a better user experience. Since IP torrents are free, you can have an ad-free experience, and the users have to meet the seeding quota. However, the website has a frustrating registration process that users’ don’t like. Also, it causes people money to access reliable torrent files to avoid using them. 

#8 – TorrentGalaxy


If you’re looking to download high-quality anime, TV shows, movies, and games, consider using TorrentGalaxy. It is one of the best 1337x  alternatives that comes with a user-friendly interface and results in a hassle-free downloading experience

It allows the users to download torrent files from an extensive content library. All the torrents are listed on the homepage category-wise and provide all the relevant information about the file. The site also features the top torrents of the week. 

Moreover, the site does offer the RSS Feed option and a new dark theme feature that allows the users to customize the web interface. However, there is a significant drawback of using Torrent Galaxy, that is the pop-up ads. These ads are tons in number, and you require the use of the best ad-blocker to get rid of them. 

#9 – Demonoid

Demonoid Torrents

Demonoid is also a relatively new torrent downloading site that only allows registered users to access torrent files. You should have an invitation code to become a registered member. The best thing about this 1337x alternative is it doesn’t ruin your experience with ads.

 It also offers impressive features like the RSS Feed in every category, fast downloading speed, and a vast content library. You can download torrents from a wide range of catalogs. The most impressive feature about this site is that it enables users to download content in multiple languages.  

When you search a torrent file, all the relevant information is neatly assembled, including the user comments section which gives users another reason to use this site. Apart from this, it has separate categories for the top torrents in different categories. By setting out certain filters, you can easily find out the file in quick time. It also has a FAQ, forum, and chat section that allows the users to get help from the other users. 

#10 – BiblioTik

BiblioTik is yet another best 1337x alternative that offers an excellent content library for audiobooks and ebooks in the torrenting world. You can find any old and new book of your choice from here. Another best part of this website is that it even consists of books in multiple languages. It is a private torrent downloading site so, you have to make a donation or have an invitation code to access your favorite torrent file. However, the torrent site is currently not accepting any donations, so you have to wait a little more to use this site. 

Since it is a private torrent site, it is safe and reliable to use. The site contains original and verified torrent files that are even safe from malware and viruses. It has strict seeding criteria, and if anyone doesn’t fulfill them, you can get blocked from using the site. The downloading speeds are also consistently fast, and you won’t be bombarded with ads. Besides this, the website interface is also simple and clean and ensures an excellent user experience. 

Final Thoughts

1377x is a popular torrent downloading website, but due to the legality issues surrounding torrenting, the government, the ISPs put a ban on torrent downloading sites such as 1337x. If this is the case or you find that the website is down and not working fine. However, rest assured because you can use the best 1337x alternatives and continue downloading torrents. 

All the alternatives mentioned in this article are well-tested and working perfectly fine. Choose any of them and enhance your torrent downloading experience. But don’t forget the tips and tricks of safely downloading torrents. If you want to know more about it, then follow this link

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