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While searching for the best YTS alternatives, you might come across various options, and deciding the best one is tricky. To save you from the hassle of searching the alternatives, here is a compiled list of the best alternatives that you can consider using.

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  1. The Pirate Bay: The site has millions of quality torrent files in all popular categories.
  2. Kickass: Download audio and video content in HD quality and benefit from the RSS Feed and bookmark feature.
  3. Zooqle: The website shows top-seeded torrent files and ensures fast downloading.
  4. 1337x: It shows the weekly top torrent list, trending torrent list, and top 100 torrents.
  5. LimeTorrents: It offers an impressive list of the latest 100 and monthly 100 torrents, an RSS Feed, and an FAQ section.
  6. BitLord: A family-oriented torrent site with a clean interface and fast downloading speed.
  7. RARBG: It has an extensive content library, but pop-up ads might ruin your experience.
  8. ISOHunt: A well-organized torrent site with a vast content library that doesn’t show ads.
  9. ExtraTorrent: A simple and easy-to-navigate torrent site that shows popular torrents of the week in each category.
  10. TorrentSeeker: It has a simple and intuitive interface and allows users to download apps, music, Tv shows, and movies.
  11. TorLock It claims to hold a vast database of verified torrents in various categories.
  12. YourBitTorrentIt categorizes torrent files as verified and unverified and shares file details.
  13. TorrentFunkThe website lists the top 50 torrents on the homepage.
  14. TorrentDownloadsIt contains thousands of verified torrent files but shows several ads.
  15. DemonoidIt allows downloading torrent files in multiple languages.
  16. IPTorrentsIt is a reliable torrent site you can use after receiving an invitation or making donations in bitcoins.
  17. TorrentHounds The homepage lists the most downloaded torrent files during the last 24 hours.
  18. TorrentGalaxyThe website has a sleek design and simple interface and includes all details about the torrent file.
  19. iDope: It doesn’t host a content library and grabs results from other reliable torrent sites
  20. Torrends.to You can download the video content in 4K and HD quality

The hunt for the best YTS alternatives is not new for torrent downloaders. Since the MPAA issued a lawsuit against the torrent site, it got permanently shut down, like The Pirate Bay and the Kickass Torrent. The torrent community members searched for the best alternatives for YTS or Yify because it was an excellent source for downloading quality torrent files.

YTS was a popular torrent downloading site that mainly focused on downloading movies. The site contains a vast archive of films in multiple languages. It allows downloading up to 4k quality and gives a similar user experience to Netflix. But as it faces downtime and doesn’t include any other category than movies, you might consider using the best alternatives for downloading torrents in different categories.

This article delves deeper into the best YTS alternatives, how each torrent site is worth using, what extra benefits it offers, and whether it works fine.

Yify or YTS Mirror Sites

Yify and YTS are banned; several options are available to assist viewers in enjoying the same experience as the original. such as the following.

  1. http://www.yify-movies.net/ 
  2. https://yts.unblocked.pub/ 
  3. https://yts.mx/ 
  4. http://yify.is/ 
  5. http://ww1.yts.sc/ 
  6. http://www.yify-movies.net/ 
  7. http://ww7.yts.gs/

These are some of the proxy sites that are working. Moreover, they are not official; it is safe to use a VPN to ensure your online security. 

20 best YTS Alternatives for downloading Torrents

YTS clone websites are available but won’t give you the same user experience as the original website. Read the short reviews about each torrent site that replaces the YTS and decide which would work best for you.

1- The Pirate Bay

Nothing can beat the king of torrenting sites- The Pirate Bay- the best YTS alternative. It is the best alternative torrent site you can consider using for downloading movies, TV shows, anime, apps, games, books, music, and comics. The site has millions of quality torrent files and an active user base. You have a pirate search bar and other customizable options on the homepage. You can find the desired torrent file by entering the search query or setting filters.

The website allows users to browse the torrent files category-wise, search the recent torrents, or the top 100 torrent files of the last 48 hours. The website provides comprehensive information about the torrent files uploaded time, file size, video quality, and the number of seeders and leechers. You can download the file directly or by magnetic link. Since the website shows intrusive pop-up ads, don’t forget to use a VPN.

However, the website has been put down, but the staff members have created several mirror sites, making it easy to access the torrent files on TPB. Still, use a reliable VPN provider to boost your digital security.

2- Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrents

The Kickass Torrent is the best YTS alternative, with a simple user interface and an extensive content library. You can find various TV shows, movies, games, and music here. You can download high-quality audio and video content at a stable downloading speed. It has impressive top 100 torrents that make it easy to find the file you want.

The torrent files come with all the necessary information that a user might be looking for, like the number of seeders, peers, file size, age of the file, and user comments. When you click on the torrent file, it gives more details about the torrent, like brief description screenshots that show an idea about the picture quality and the magnet link to proceed with the downloading process. You can even directly download the torrent files; it’s entirely up to you which method to choose.

Apart from this, the torrent file also provides the RSS Feed option, and you can even bookmark any torrent for future downloads. However, the KAT is no longer working since the US government arrested the alleged owners. Still, you can use the mirror sites like Kickass Torrent, but make sure that you always use a VPN to prevent snooping eyes from viewing your torrenting activities.

3- Zooqle


Zooqle is another best YTS alternative with verified torrent files and enhances your torrent downloading experience. It has a comprehensive content library that allows users to select a torrent file from a vast catalog. At Zooqle, you can find TV shows, movies, music, games, ebooks, apps, and software archives. The advanced search option enables users to enter their preferences, like the torrent category, uploaded time, language, and terms to include and exclude, making it easy to find the desired torrent file.

Moreover, the website also shows top-seeded torrent files and thus informs the users about popular torrents. You can find the relevant file details upon clicking on the torrent files. The best part is it allows users to comment and share their experience with the torrent file. Based on these reviews, other users decide whether to download torrents.

Zooqle’s interface is also simple and doesn’t cause trouble to the users using it. You need to register on the site to access the torrent files. As a whole, it is a good YTS alternative and should be tried out once.

4- 1337x


If you’re looking for a website with similar vibes to Netflix, try 1337x. It provides a vast content library that includes everything from movies, TV shows, music, games, anime, and documentaries. The dark color theme and attractive interface make you feel like you are using Netflix. The torrent site offers features like the weekly top torrent list, trending torrent list, and top 100 torrents of each category, making it one of the best YTS alternatives.

The website offers a fast downloading speed and ensures that the users don’t have to wait long to watch their favorite torrent file. The torrent files contain all essential information, indicating that most of the files on 1337x are authentic, verified, and safe to download. You can download the files directly or via magnetic links.

The worst aspect of 1337x is that it bombards your experience with ads. Also, when you click on a torrent file, you’re redirected to an unknown malicious-looking site. Thus, use a VPN and the best antivirus software to maintain higher online security levels while downloading torrents.

5- LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents is an excellent YTS alternative that you should try out using once. It is a reliable torrent website that doesn’t log or share users’ data. The website’s privacy policy clearly states that they don’t log or share the users’ IP addresses and other sensitive information. Moreover, it doesn’t bombard you with unlimited ads. The ads shown are minimal; you can eliminate them using the best ad blocker.

The website lets users download movies, TV shows, anime, games, apps, music, and software. It has a clean and intuitive interface that looks like a search engine. The homepage has a search bar, and by entering the search query, you can find your desired torrent file or click on the categories below the search bar. You can also find a notice board informing users about the main page’s domains, proxies, and instructions.

This torrent site offers an impressive list of the latest 100 and monthly 100 torrents, making the searching process much more manageable. Besides this, it also provides an RSS Feed and FAQ section, improving the user experience.

6- BitLord


If you’re looking for a family-oriented torrent downloading site, you should use BitLord. It is among the best YTS alternatives allowing users to filter out or report adult content. It collects torrent files from the web, meaning it functions as a search engine and doesn’t host files but obtains results from popular search engines and websites.

The site has a clean and sleek interface, so users are attracted to it. The downloading speeds are also stable and ensure fast downloading without frequent buffering or connection lags.

Another best thing about BitLord is that when you click on a torrent file, you can stream it and decide if you should continue downloading. The site neatly organizes the torrent files and lists the audio and video torrent files you want. It won’t show intrusive ads; it has a blog and FAQ section to assist the users.



RARBG is another excellent option to consider using instead of YTS. It receives millions of monthly users and is famous for hosting quality torrent files. The site includes every category you might want, like music, TV shows, movies, games, ebooks, and more. It has a box office and a top 10 torrent tab comprising the latest torrents in all categories. The torrents are well-organized, which makes the search process hassle-free.

The torrent files in each category tell about the file size, uploading time, seeders and leechers numbers, genres, and even screenshots. You can download torrent files at above-average speed and enjoy streaming your favorite content.

But, the website comes with a few drawbacks. The interface is not at all good. Moreover, it displays many pop-up ads and is even blocked in various parts of the world. By using a legitimate VPN provider, you can get around these issues.

8- ISOHunt


Another best YTS alternative in this list is ISOHunt. It has an impressive and modern interface that ensures an excellent user experience. It enables users to download popular anime, TV shows, music, movies, books, and software at a stable speed.

All the torrents are listed category-wise, so; you don’t have to put your head much looking for your favorite torrent file. The torrent files provide the information the user might be looking for and save you from the confusion of deciding the reliability of the torrent files.

The website has an option for proxies and search plugins to get the best result results. However, the site doesn’t offer a user comments section that people don’t like. Another impressive feature about ISO is that it is free from ads and ensures that you download torrents without any interruptions.

9- ExtraTorrent


ExtraTorrent is yet another best YTS alternative that allows users to download torrents from a wide range of catalogs. It has a clean and straightforward interface that is easy to use and navigate. All the torrent categories are marked prominently in separate tabs. Upon clicking on each torrent category, you’re shown a list of popular torrents of the week and the essential file details. You can also use the homepage’s search bar to search torrent files.

The torrent site offers a pretty fast downloading speed, but what irks the users is that it comes with several pop-up ads, significantly irritating them. When you click on the torrent URL, you can read the description and know what the torrent offers. Overall, it is a great alternative to use. But, since there are many ads, make sure that you use a reliable ad-blocker while using this website.

10- TorrentSeeker


Another best YTS alternative is TorrentSeeker, a metasearch engine that hosts reliable torrent files from other platforms. It has a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use and navigate. The website is frequently updated and thus constantly improves users’ downloading experience.

It has an extensive content database allows users to find and download a torrent file of their choice. The best part of this torrent site is that it isn’t banned in any part of the world, and hence users from anywhere can use it to download movies, TV shows, games, music, and apps.

The website claims to include original torrent files, but since it obtains results from its repositories, it’s hard to decide the reliability of the torrent file. The torrent files don’t inform the users about the necessary information and don’t offer decent downloading speed. While downloading torrents, you should take precautionary measures to boost your digital security. Therefore, subscribe to a reliable VPN provider while you use this site.

11. TorLock


TorLock is one of the best YTS alternatives with an impressive design and an easy-to-use interface. It claims to hold a vast database of verified torrents and promises to reward anyone who finds a fake torrent file. The website has compiled the top 100 torrents and ensures you don’t miss out on the trending ones.

The torrent files are organized on the homepage, and you can check relevant details before downloading. A disappointing thing about TorLock is that it doesn’t include users’ comments. Thus, users can’t learn about others’ experiences with the torrent file. Though the website only contains verified torrents, use a VPN and antivirus software to protect your online security. 

12. YourBitTorrent

You can also use YourBitTorrent as a YTS alternative for downloading movies in HD quality. Besides having a vast content library of movies, the torrent site allows you to download anime, TV series, music, games, software, photos, and ebooks. The best thing about this site is that it categorizes torrent files as verified and unverified, leaving it entirely to the users which one to download.

Before downloading, check out the necessary torrent file details like its health, number of seeders and leechers, and file size. The homepage lists all the famous torrent files, and there are separate tabs for the best and new and verified torrents. You can also use the search bar to look for the desired torrent file. There are two drawbacks to using this site. Firstly, the users’ comment section is unavailable, and secondly, the website shows several annoying and inappropriate ads.

13. TorrentFunk


TorrentFunk is a good option when looking for the best YTS alternatives, and there are valid reasons for this. If you’re searching for any movie, TV show, music, game, anime, ebook, and software, you can easily find it on TorrentFunk. The website lists the top 50 torrents on the homepage. Also, when you click on any specific torrent category, it shows all the torrents it holds. You can download a file by checking out the relevant details such as file size, added time, and uploader name.

The website has a simple, organized, and easy-to-use interface. The only thing most users dislike about this torrent site is the pop-up ads. The pop-up ads ruin your torrent downloading experience; thus, use an ad blocker.

14. TorrentDownloads


TorrentDownloads is a reliable torrent site that you can use as a YTS alternative for downloading content in various categories. This site contains thousands of verified torrent files of anime, books, games, music, movies, and TV shows. The torrent files allow users to view the necessary details before downloading, including other users’ comments and health meters.

However, the torrent site is blocked in a few parts of the world. Also, it shows too many adverts. Therefore, always use a VPN to bypass geo-blocks and an ad-blocker to block ads that interrupt while downloading torrents.

15. Demonoid


Demonoid is the best YTS alternative that lets registered users access and download torrent files. It has a vast content library where you can find various apps, anime, audiobooks, music, music videos, movies, and TV shows. You can also download Japanese anime and raw photos from this torrent site. One best features of Demonoid is that it allows downloading torrent files in multiple languages. Besides this, it offers various filters to apply to search a torrent file.

Though the website design and interface are not much impressive, still it’s easy to use and navigates and doesn’t cause any trouble. As the website lets verified users use it, you won’t see any pop-up ads ruining your experience.

16. IPTorrents

IPTorrents also ranks in the list of YTS alternatives you can consider using, but you need an invitation or a donation to access it. It is a reliable torrent site that contains verified torrent files of anime, apps, ebooks, games, music, movies, and TV shows. It is a private torrent site that offers faster downloading than other sites.

Its sleek and intuitive design also makes it the best YTS alternative. Also, you can report any fake torrent file and enjoy torrenting without seeing intrusive ads. But as IPTorrents ask people to donate bitcoins, which is expensive, most people avoid using them.

17. TorrentHounds

Torrents Hounds

You can also use TorrentHounds as the YTS alternative for downloading movies, music, and TV shows from a vast content library. The site doesn’t show any specific torrent category; thus, it is challenging to find torrent files. The homepage includes a list of the most downloaded torrent files during the last 24 hours, from where you can find the file. Also, you can use the search bar, but it can be helpful only if you enter the right keyword.

The popular torrent sites do the details, but you can only download them once you have installed the binary client. This torrent site has no appealing interface or design, so the daily visitors are just under 100K.

18. TorrentGalaxy


TorrentGalaxy is among the best YTS alternatives, with an extensive content library allowing you to download movies, TV shows, apps, games, music, and anime. It provides all the details about the torrent files, including cover pictures, allowing users to decide better.

The website has a sleek design and simple interface that’s easy to use and navigate. You can find the torrent files by clicking on the specific category or entering a relevant keyword in the search bar. However, the pop-up ads interrupt your torrenting experience. Make sure you use the necessary security-enhancing tools while using the torrent site.

19. iDope


iDope is a torrent search engine that allows you to download torrents in various categories. You can search the torrent file using search by clicking on any specific torrent category. This YTS alternative doesn’t host a content library and instead grabs results from other reliable torrent sites.

The torrent files do show the file information that a user finds useful. The site is free from pop-up ads, but to boost your online security while torrenting, don’t forget to use a VPN and antivirus software. 

20. Torrends.to


Torrends.to is a reliable torrent site that you can use as a YTS alternative. It is an excellent platform for people to download torrents and trackers. This site has a wide range of content in movies, television series, music, games, books, anime, and applications. You can download the 4K and HD video content and enjoy streaming your favorite torrent content.

The interface is easy-to-use but not very appealing. The torrent site doesn’t contain a content library and gathers torrent files from other sources. As you scroll through the website homepage, you can find from which resources, Torrends. to obtain results in each category.


When downloading torrents, you can consider using the best YTS alternatives, except for movies. The site offers only movie torrents, urging people to look for other options. Moreover, since October 2015, the website has been facing downtime. If you’re a YTS user, this might leave you pretty disappointed. But there are other best options that you can use, such as the ones mentioned in this link.

All those mentioned above are the best YTS alternatives. Choose any of them to download torrent files in any category you wish. They’ll have been tested and working perfectly fine. Apart from it, read this post to expand your knowledge on downloading torrents safely.

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