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10 Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives That You Can Use In 2022

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10 Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives That You Can Use In 2022

After thorough testing and research, these are the top 10 best Kickass Torrent alternatives. Each site offers stable downloading speed, HD quality video content, and other impressive features. 

Note: It’s highly recommended to use the fastest VPN while torrenting, it will provide better anonymity and security with the fastest downloading.

Quick List Of Kickass Torrent Alternatives

  1. EZTV: The best site for downloading TV shows and includes information about the torrent file.
  2. LimeTorrents: It hosts torrent files from other popular websites and shows minimum ads.
  3. YTS: It has an interface like Netflix and downloads movies in 3D, 760p, 1080p, 2160p, and 4K quality.
  4. 1337x: It shows each category’s weekly top torrent list and trending torrent of the last 24 hours.
  5. Zooqle: It claims to include verified torrent files and downloads torrents from a vast catalog. 
  6. RARBG: It has 40 million monthly visitors and allows users to download torrents at a fast speed.
  7. TorLock: It has more than 50 million torrent files but doesn’t have a users’ comment section.
  8. TorrentDownloads: Download anime, apps, books, games, TV shows, music, movies & software.
  9. BitLord: It is easy to find audio, video, or text torrent files and report any adult content.
  10. YourBitTorrent: It works like a search engine and hosts torrent files from other popular websites.

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The Kickass Torrent was one of the famous torrent sites like The Pirate Bay until the alleged owners got arrested and the US government shut down the website. Since then, its users have searched for the best Kickass Torrent alternatives

The torrent site offers magnet links and torrent files to a wide range of movies, games, TV shows, apps, ebooks, and music to facilitate P2P file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. As the website was trendy among the users, the staff member created sites similar to The Kickass Torrent. But, various scammers also took advantage of the situation and created several fake Kickass Torrent sites. These fake sites bombard users with intrusive ads and misleading messages, compelling them to use the alternatives.

There are several Kickass Torrent alternatives that you might find and are still working fine. The article shares the best Kickass Torrent alternatives that help people fulfill their torrent needs. All the websites are tested and found to be working fine. 

10 Best Kickass Alternatives In 2022

Before you decide on the best Kickass Torrent alternative for yourself, it is best that you explore a bit more about the sites listed above. 

#1 – EZTV


EZTV is amongst the best Kickass Torrent alternatives, famous for holding old and new TV shows archives. On this site, you might find the list of the latest added torrent files, full seasons TV packs, and the 20 most seeded EZTV torrents. It is easy to find out the torrent file you’re looking for with the list. The website also offers a search bar on the homepage, and you also enter the search term and find the torrent file. 

The best thing about this alternative is that it shows the relevant information about the torrent file, like the file size and the number of seeders. When you click on any file to download, it gives more details about the torrent, including graphics, episode breakdown, and trackers stats. 

To download torrents from EZTV, you must first register for an account. It offers an RSS feed and FAQ section to help the users if they have any queries and thus, is the best Kickass Torrent alternative. However, the website can lead to other unknown sites when you click on a torrent file. Also, it doesn’t offer any other category other than TV shows.

#2 – LimeTorrents


Another well-known Kickass Torrent alternative is LimeTorrents. It has an impressive content library that allows users to search torrent files from TV shows, movies, music, pictures, games, ebooks, anime, and comics. The website has a simple and easy-to-use interface that you can navigate easily. The homepage resembles the mainstream search engine with a search bar, and there are torrent categories options below. You can also find the latest 100 and the monthly top 100 torrents files, making it hassle-free for the users to find trending content.  

Other impressive features of LimeTorrents are the RSS Feed and FAQ section. With the RSS Feed feature, you can automatically download all the torrents that appear in your Feed or view them and decide the ones you want to download. Besides this, the torrent site also provides relevant details about each torrent file, including the health, which indicates whether the torrent is reliable. Also, the FAQ section has all the answers to the possible questions you’re looking for.

 As a whole, LimeTorrents is a reliable Kickass Torrent alternative to use because it doesn’t log or share your IP address or other sensitive information of the user. But, the torrent site does come with a drawback. It does show a minimum amount of ads that most people won’t like. Moreover, it hosts torrent files from other popular websites. 

#3 – YTS


If you’re looking for the best Kickass Torrent alternatives with the best movies library, try out YTS. The website allows the users to download movies in 3D, 760p, 1080p, 2160p, and 4K quality and makes your streaming experience amazing. Its interface resembles Netflix, but the best part is that it is easy to navigate and doesn’t trouble the users much. 

YTS is lightweight and thus requires less bandwidth, so the downloading speeds are fast and don’t let the users wait for much. You can also find a list of upcoming movies and even request a movie you want to download. Moreover, you can view each torrent file’s details, movie synopsis, reviews, and users’ comments. All this gives you a great idea of whether to download the file or not. 

The issue with YTS is that it doesn’t have any other category than movies. Also, the site redirects you to a suspicious site so, it’s better to use a VPN or the best antivirus software.

#4 – 1337x


1337x is yet another best Kickass Torrent alternative that you can consider using for downloading anime, apps, movies, TV shows, games, and other stuff. You need to sign up for an account to access the desired torrent files. The website has a similar interface as LimeTorrents, and the dark color theme gives Netflix vibes. You can find users’ comments and tracker list along with the details about the torrent file in which you’re interested in downloading. 

One impressive thing about 1337x is that it shows each category’s weekly top torrent list and ensures a hassle-free searching experience. Furthermore, it also compiles a list of the trending torrent from the last 24 hours. The Kickass Torrent alternative allows the users to download the torrent directly or by magnetic link. You can even download the files anonymously, but you need first to install a reliable VPN provider. 

Like most other torrenting websites, 1337x also redirects the users to suspicious sites and ruins the experience with intrusive ads. But, you can use the best ad-blocker to get rid of this problem. 

#5 – Zooqle


Zooqle is an excellent Kickass Torrent alternative that you can use to download your favorite Torrent file. It offers a simple yet sleek interface that suits beginners and advanced users. The site has a well-organized torrent and helps you search for your desired TV shows, movies, music, games, and software-related torrent files. 

Since it displays every detail about the torrent file that the user is looking for, like the file size, no of seeders, users’ comments, thus, is the best Kickass Torrent alternative. Another reason why it ranks as the best alternative to Kickass Torrent is that it only claims to include verified torrent files. The website doesn’t have any fake or malicious torrent files, which is good. 

There are no prominent drawbacks of using Zooqle, but you should not take your digital security lightly. Thus, to further speed up your downloading process and to prevent ISP tracking use a VPN while using the site. 

#6 – RARBG


RARBG is yet another popular Kickass Torrent alternative that comes with plus 40 million monthly visitors and ensures a hassle-free downloading experience. The site has an extensive content library covering everything from anime, TV shows, games, songs, movies, and software. Though the website interface is not very attractive, it comes with various impressive features. It has well-organized torrent categories and even enables the users to find the top torrent files in the box office and the top 10 categories. 

While you search for a torrent file, RARBG informs you about the size of the file, uploading time, video quality, and graphics. All this information proves helpful while deciding whether to download the file or not. Besides this, the website also offers fast downloading speed, so you don’t have to wait for much to watch your favorite video content. 

However, the website does come with a few drawbacks. As the website was accused of containing pirated content, it was blocked in some parts of the world. Moreover, the website includes a lot of pop-up ads that might be annoying and frustrating. 

#7 – TorLock


TorLock is an impressive torrent downloading site that offers a simple and clean user interface and enables users to download verified and authentic torrent files. The site creators claim that the site doesn’t include any fake torrent files. They even challenge users about their claims and promise to reward the one who finds and reports a fake torrent file from their platform. 

The website contains more than 50 million torrent files in various categories, making it one of the best Kickass Torrent alternatives. You can also get all the relevant details about the torrent file before downloading. However, it doesn’t have a users’ comment section so, you can’t have any idea about other users’ experiences. 

No matter how much the website claims to be secure, it’s always better to practice some security measures. Thus, don’t forget to use a VPN or antivirus software when you download torrents using TorLock. 

#8 – TorrentDownloads


TorrentDownloads is also among the best Kickass Torrent alternatives, ensuring an excellent user experience with its fast downloading speed and extensive content library. This site can download anime, apps, books, games, TV shows, music, movies, and software. It informs the users about all the necessary information about the torrent files, including other users’ comments. 

It also offers a FAQ section that assists users if they had trouble downloading or finding their desired torrent file. Also, you can find the most active torrents, most seeded torrents, and most leeched torrents separately. 

If you’re in the UK, you can’t access the website. The higher authorities have asked the ISPs to ban the website to protect the users from downloading any copyrighted content. However, you can always use a VPN provider to bypass such restrictions. Moreover, the website is full of ads that might ruin your downloading experience so, be careful while you use this site. 

#9 – BitLord


BitLord is another excellent Kickass Torrent alternative that you might regret ignoring. It offers a clean and simple user interface that is easy to use and navigate. At BitLord, it is easy to find audio, video, or text torrent files. 

With a single click, you can stream the torrent file, and if you find it suitable, proceed with downloading it. An impressive feature about BitLord is that it keeps your torrent downloads organized. Moreover, you can also list your audio and video downloaded torrent files. 

BitLord enables users to filter out and report any adult content. This way, it is a family-friendly torrent downloading site that all family members can use. The website has a blog and FAQ section to help out the users. It is also a reliable Kickass Torrent alternative because it is free from pop-up ads and malicious links that can risk your digital privacy. The site also offers stable downloading speed and ensures a fast and secure torrent downloading experience.

#10 -YourBitTorrent


The next best Kickass Torrent alternative on this list is YourBitTorrent. The site has a vast content library and allows users to download anime, TV shows, movies, music, ebooks, and software. It works like a search engine and hosts torrent files from other popular websites. The interface is of a basic design but is user-friendly. It shows a list of the top 50 torrents and its relevant details like uploaded time, file size, and numbers of seeders and peers. 

The website is free to use and doesn’t require any registration process. Also, it has a news section that updates any upcoming torrent files or other things. However, since it is free, it bombards you with unlimited ads that can be malicious. Therefore, it’s better to use the best ad-blocker on this site. 

 The Bottom Line

The Kickass Torrent went offline in 2016, but it doesn’t mean you can’t download torrents. Various Kickass Torrent alternatives are available that work perfectly fine and enable you to download your favorite torrent from multiple catalogs. 

Above are some of the best Kickass Torrent alternatives that function like the Kickass Torrent and ensure a similar downloading experience. So, choose the best alternative that fits your criteria and start downloading your favorite digital content. However, make sure that you’re aware of the regional torrenting laws, and for extra security, don’t forget to use a legitimate VPN provider. If you also find the best torrent websites, then follow this link. 

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