Why is Opera VPN Not Working? How To Fix Opera VPN?

Last updated: August 8, 2023 Reading time: 9 minutes
Opera VPN

Author findings: Overall, it’s a slower VPN to use. Also, it will provide just a proxy tunnel to your browsing traffic. I highly recommend using a VPN like Nord, which works on any browser you want.

The first thing to be clear before going any further is that Opera was the first browser that introduced a built-in VPN in-browser feature. But it’s not a VPN. VPN suppose to provide data encryption to a standard internet connection. So the purpose of using a VPN for browsing is to destroy anonymity.

Common issues with Opera browser are:

  • It’s not an actual VPN.
  • Cannot choose the desired location.
  • Frustrating browsing speed.
  • The connection failed and not working.
  • NO killswitch to prevent DNS leak.
  • It will also leak the real IP.