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Why is Opera VPN Not Working? How To Fix Opera VPN?

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The first thing to be clear before going any further is that Opera was the first browser that introduced a built-in VPN in browser feature. But it’s not a VPN. VPN suppose to provide data encryption to a standard internet connection. So the purpose of using a VPN with browsing is to destroy anonymity.

Common issues with Opera browser are:

  • It’s not a real VPN.
  • Cannot choose the desired location.
  • Frustrating browsing speed.
  • The connection failed and not working.
  • NO killswitch to prevent DNS leak.
  • It will also leak the real IP.

In my opinion, desktop VPN clients are the best VPN solution if you are looking for better privacy and security with great data encryption.

Opera VPN has been recently acquired by SurfEasy VPN, which was taken over by Opera in 2017 and later to Symantec, a cybersecurity firm. Currently, the Opera VPN is operated by SurfEasy as a white-labeled service.

However, on many forums, there are increased search queries for Opera VPN not working. The thing displayed is “VPN is temporarily unavailable,” or the switch VPN button keeps showing a message of connecting.

How To Fix Opera VPN?- Easy Steps

Fortunately, it is straightforward to fix the Opera VPN not working issue. Here are some quick fixes for it.

1 – Switch VPN On And Off Repeatedly

When the Opera VPN takes long and keeps showing a connecting signal, switch the VPN off. The toggling VPN button could be accessed through the VPN option at the top of the browser on the right side of the URL bar.

That is a temporary fix, and you might have to perform the same function once you close the Opera browser.

2 – Delete the Browser Cache

Clearing the browser cache can make the browser faster and resolve the Opera VPN issue.

To clear the Opera browser cache, press Ctrl + Shift + Del hotkey. Then, in the opened Clear browsing data window, select all the boxes especially check to mark the Cached images and files option. Also, choose the option of “the beginning of time” from the drop-down menu above the options.

Finally, press the “clear browsing data” button and restart the browser.

3 – Switch off Opera Extensions

You can also try switching off the Opera extensions to ensure this isn’t the issue. To turn off the Opera extensions;

  • Press the menu button at the top of the Opera
  • Open the Extension tab, press Extensions > Extensions, and select Enabled from the options appearing at the left of the window.
  • Now click the Disabled button for all the listed tabs.

4 – Update the Opera Browser

Opera browser is not functioning when you haven’t updated it for a long time. Usually, the browser is working slowly, but in Opera, the update could affect the Opera VPN performance. To check the recent updates, you can follow these steps;

  • Click the menu button at the top left of the Opera browser.
  • Press the About Opera option, and you will be presented with the update window.

The browser will then automatically check for new updates and download available updates. Finally, click the “Relaunch Now” button to restart the Opera browser.

5 – Turn Off the Third-Party Antivirus Software

If you have any third-party antivirus software installed, this might be the issue of Opera VPN not working. There is no need to uninstall the antivirus software; all you need is to turn off the antivirus while you need the Opera VPN connection.

The antivirus software might be switched off by right-clicking the system tray icon and clicking the turn-off option. Also, in some cases, you need to open the software windows to disable some antivirus utilities.

Final Words

Most users praise the performance of Opera VPN; however, in April 2018, the company has announced the shutdown of VPN for Android and iOS app users. Therefore, many internet users are trying for another alternate free VPN service worth downloading. Yet, many don’t want risk-free VPNs; there are reputable cheap VPNs.

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