Does Incognito Mode Hide Your IP Address? Lets Take A Look

Last updated: August 2, 2023 Reading time: 17 minutes
Does Incognito Mode Hide Your IP Address Lets Take A Look

For most privacy-conscious netizens, privately browsing the internet has long been a dream. And amidst that, private or incognito browsing modes lure us into the false of privacy and security.

With a blackened theme background and a remarkable icon, private browsing or incognito mode has long since been recognized as an illusion of online privacy. Such common knowledge is probably why questions regarding these modes keep swirling. It has somewhat become a dilemma on the kind of privacy and security incognito mode does or does not provide. And with that comes the litany of questions on does the incognito mode hide IP address. Does it prevent ISP monitoring and online tracking and even hide your identity?