11 PeerBlock Alternatives For Blocking Malicious IP Address

Rebecca James Last updated: September 13, 2023 Reading time: 10 minutes
Block ip Address

PeerBlock was one of the popular choices when it came to torrenting. Peerblock’s work is different and is not what it shows its users. It is highly risky to use PeerBlock, which takes control over users’ activities and a chance to monitor their P2P activities.

PeerBlocks have a much darker side. Firstly, PeerBlock is now regarded as an old tech school used for torrenting that didn’t come up with innovations. Moreover, it doesn’t notify users of specific issues while downloading torrents. Because of its inability to hide the IP address, encrypt users’ data, and allow anonymous browsing, PeerBlocks are unreliable. There are several other drawbacks to using PeerBlock.

 The downsides of a PeerBlock are as follows:
  • Do not hide your IP address
  • Won’t bypass ISP throttling
  • Monitors all your P2P activities
  • Do not provide encryption
  • Slow downloading speed