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10 PeerBlock Alternatives For Blocking Malicious IP Address

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Quick Summary!

Here is a quick list of all the best Peerblock alternatives that keep your torrenting safe and block malicious IP addresses.

  1. NordVPN – Best Choice for torrenting
  2. Surfshark – Excellent torrenting support
  3. Cyberghost – P2P Optmisd servers 
  4. Simplewall – It is an open-source firewall
  5. IPList – many features that IPList offers other than PeerBlock
  6. BeeThink – user-friendly firewall
  7. PeerGuardian –  best privacy-concerned firewall
  8. iBlocklist –  very similar to Peerblocker
  9. Protowall IP Blocker – block specific IP addresses

by installing the fastest VPN service you can easily hide your identity while browsing and torrenting. you don’t have to filter or block any malicious IP.

PeerBlock was one of the popular choices when it comes to torrenting. Peerblock’s work is different and is not what it shows to its users. It is highly risky to use PeerBlock that takes control over users’ activities as well as with a chance of monitoring their P2P activities. 

PeerBlocks have a much darker side. Firstly, PeerBlock is now regarded as an old tech school used for torrenting that didn’t come up with innovations. Moreover, it doesn’t notify users of specific issues while you download torrents. Because of its inability to hide the IP address, encrypt users’ data, and allow anonymous browsing, PeerBlocks are not reliable to use. There are several other drawbacks to using PeerBlock. 

 The downsides of a PeerBlock are as follows:
  • Do not hide your IP address
  • Won’t bypass ISP throttling
  • Monitors all your P2P activities
  • Do not provide encryption
  • Slow downloading speed

Because of all such reasons, users are in search of some legitimate online privacy tools that not just help them in torrenting but also secures their internet experience. Well! To date, VPN proves to be an exceptional tool that provides a strong online browsing experience. 

Why Use VPN Over Peerblock?

Over time, people have shown extreme concerns about online privacy. For this reason, they’ve shifted towards the use of a reliable VPN service provider that fits perfectly in the privacy situation. A VPN works efficiently for hiding the IP address to encrypt the traffic, allowing torrenting without any hindrance to providing top-notch security from the snooping eyes. Moreover, when you will use a VPN for torrenting so:

  • Your service provider won’t be able to forward your information to any surveillance or copyright agencies that might file a complaint against you for downloading torrents.
  • Your ISP won’t terminate your subscription plan even you are violating their term of services
  • ISP won’t throttle your internet speed.
  • You’ll be safe from the threats and DMCA notices sent by torrent monitoring agencies.

By using VPN you can get the best downloading speed with the best data encryption

Best Peerblock Alternatives In 2022

I am sure that by now, you’ll be thinking of an alternative for PeerBlocks. In this case, let me inform you that VPNs are the most popular choice over PeerBlock. VPN apps are now regarded as the best alternative for PeerBlock.  So, let’s explore the best option for torrenting or P2P.

1. NordVPN – Fastest P2P servers

NordVPN: its top-ranked VPN provider, 5000+ servers, all security featres, works with Netflix, Torrenting, Tor, and ISP throttling – 30-day Free trial www.nordvpn.com.

NordVPN - Peerblock alternative

NordVPN is among the most reliable and secure VPN providers. It promises to follow a strict no-logs policy that has been verified by a third-party audit log report too. This ensures that it proves important privacy to its customers. It also gives super-fast speeds while protecting your DNS from any leaks. Moreover, it offers numerous features such as AES-256 bit encryption and double VPN that make security tougher with NordVPN. The presence of a kill switch assists in torrenting.

Being the best PeerBlock alternative, NordVPN has a unique IP obfuscating as well as a dedicated P2P server that guarantees an entirely safe torrenting experience. The Panama-based VPN is quite affordable as compared to its counterpart like Expressvpn. NordVPN has a friendly user interface, prevents bandwidth throttling, bypasses geographical restrictions, and allows you to stream unrestricted Netflix.

2. Surfshark VPN – reliable downloading support

Surfhark: It’s great with Netflix and torrenting, also can be used with bypassing ISP throttling, and has great privacy features. 3500+ servers and come with a 30-day free trial www.surfshark.com

surfshark - great alternative to peerblock

Surfshark VPN is a British Virgin Island-based VPN that claims a wide range of torrenting-friendly features like several dedicated P2P servers, robust encryption, as well as kill switch protection too. Moreover, it also provides a SockS5 proxy, which is mainly designed for torrenting purposes.  

The recently emerged Surfshark VPN offers private DNS protection, along with unique privacy features like protection from malware and spyware. Like NordVPN, Surfshark falls in everyone’s budget, and users can also enjoy unlimited access to their favorite streaming sites and no throttling issues.

3. CyberGhost VPN – Allow torrenting

CyberGhost: it offers 7500+ servers around the world, works with torrenting, Netflix and also provides great privacy features. 30-day Free trial available www.cyberghost.com

CyberGhost - Tor Alternatives

CyberGhost VPN is a program that provides online security and privacy. It encrypts your internet traffic, making it impossible for hackers or other third parties to spy on your online activity. CyberGhost VPN also allows you to circumvent censorship and access blocked websites. 

Alternatives Other Than VPNs

Besides VPNs, there are other PeerBlock alternatives too. Here we’ve discussed three of the best options that work like PeerBlock. Let’s have a look.

4. Simplewall

Simplewall is somehow similar to PeerBlock. It is an open-source firewall that blocks the traffic as per the users’ specifications. It is one of the best choices for starters as it is lightweight and provides some excellent network monitoring capabilities. The only difference between PeerBlock and Simplewall is that it supports IPv6 that PeerBlock doesn’t. In other words, it means that you aren’t limited to IPv4 addresses and can block IPv6 addresses too. Moreover, you don’t need to create your IP block list. You can simply set up user-specific rules that tell when the firewall blocks specific traffic.

5. IPList

IPList is yet another great PeerBlock alternative, especially when you are not a Windows user and want to perform torrenting on Linux. There are not many features that IPList offers other than PeerBlock. However, the only difference is that IPList receives regular updates, unlike PeerBlock, which remains outdated since 2014.

6. BeeThink IP Blocker

BeeThink is a user-friendly firewall that provides much more control over the IP addresses you blocked as compared to PeerBlock. It does not just allow you to block a wide range of IP addresses, but also country IP addresses, ban particular IP addresses, blacklist, and whitelist addresses. Moreover, you can easily use IP addresses, ports, and protocols to filter the network packets. All these qualities make it one of the best PeerBlock replacements.

7. PeerGuardian:

Unlike Peerblock, PeerGuardian is the best privacy concerned firewall app that comprises of huge blocklist by which it detects tons of dangerous and risky IP addresses and ensures your safety and security.

It works simply by blocking all the stated IP addresses in the block list. Their main goal is to prevent the dangerous IP address from getting any information while you download a torrent.

8. iBlocklist

iBlocklist is a program that is very similar to Peerblocker. It offers essential protection from malware, worms, trojans, spyware, etc., but with more outstanding customization options. IBlocklist allows for customizing filters that detect and block known malicious websites. It has a built-in firewall, but it can be turned off if you use a third-party firewall.

9. Protowall IP blocker

Protowall is a program similar to Trusteel and My Firewall. It allows the user to block specific IP addresses from accessing their computer. While it does not offer the most protection against malware, it does provide basic filtering of known malicious websites.

PeerBlock Vs. VPN – Who Wins!

To sum up the above discussion, it can be said that VPNs are much superior to PeerBlock. Instead of acting like a firewall that only blocks the IP addresses, a VPN not just encrypts the internet traffic and safeguards your data, but it also hides your IP address from the snooping eyes. Using a VPN protects you from law enforcement firms and media companies who are in your search for copyright violations while uploading or downloading sensitive content.

Hence, it is clear that VPNs are the best PeerBlock alternatives. Do pick up your VPN wisely and see the wonders it does. Enjoy anonymous browsing!

Why Not PeerBlock Is A Reliable Option?

PeerBlocks are entirely different from the VPN. Their work also differs. I think this is one of the fundamental reasons why people prefer VPNs over PeerBlock. There are several other reasons for using VPN over PeerBlock. Some of them are discussed as follows:

  •  In reality, PeerBlock does not hide your IP address. It is a significant problem because leechers and seeders can easily see it and can also use it to search for stuff like your country, Zip code, and name of the service provider. This shows that if any other member of the swarm can see your IP address, so can the surveillance agencies, too, if they avoid the PeerBlock ban and know the IP address on the peers’ list.
  • PeerBlock doesn’t encrypt your traffic correctly, and for sure, your ISP is capable of viewing your online traffic, including your torrent activity. With this, the ISP can result in throttling your speed; cancel your service because torrent is strictly against their policy. They can even pass your information to law enforcement agencies.
  • There is also a possibility that PeerBlock blocks the incorrect IP address. They do so to prevent you from connecting to their peers. But in reality, they lower your upload and download speed. The firewall may also block websites that make them load even more slowly.
  • It is not possible to block every monitoring agency or malicious user. All the third parties that manage the block list are incapable of tracking every spying group. 
  • PeerBlock hasn’t been updated since 2014. Thus, the firewall is outdated and can pose significant security risks.
  • The slower torrent downloading speed: Torrenting works like a peer to peer system. When you seed a download, then someone else downloads it from your seed. Every single BitTorrent download consists of hundreds and thousands of users sharing files and have their own IP address. The number of seeders the faster the download rate would be. Peerblocks work by incorporating the customer’s block list into your torrenting. In this way, you get connected to the torrent program and end up blocking a lot of IPs. The fewer IPs you connect the slower speed of downloading files you will get. Therefore, when you use peer block ultimately your downloading speeds get low.

Final Words:

Peerblock and its successors offer a great degree of protection against malware and other online threats, despite some downsides like difficulty in the installation or lack of customization features. There are many other programs that offer this same level of protection, though, without the hassle.

These alternatives are free for people looking for an affordable option. They can also be very useful in school or work settings when multiple computers need to have access to the internet but the network blocks websites like Facebook.

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