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21 free streaming sites to watch online TV shows and movies

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21 best sites to watch movies online


There are many sites where you can stream the latest TV shows and movies online, like Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Videos, but it’s not free. Since these giant players are in the market, they won’t let any free streaming sites chance to survive longer.

Another issue why these sites can’t survive is copyright notices and illegal content, which is why it’s highly recommended to use the fastest VPN to access geo-blocked streaming channels and hide your IP.

However, a few free online streaming sites are still working, and you can use them to stream freely. Here is a quick list of the best sites to watch movies and tv shows for free.

Quick List!

  1. 123 Movies – It is best for watching movies but also has a large library for anime, TV shows, and cartoons.
  2. USTV Go – Enjoy live streaming a range of movies without seeing any pop-up ads.
  3. Streamm4U – Includes an extensive collection of free movies in all genres.
  4. Music HQ – Provides movies from different genres and provides relevant information.
  5. YouTube – Has vast films, TV shows, documentaries, news, and a music library with various customization options.
  6. IMDb TV – It is owned by Amazon Prime and covers a wide range of movies and TV shows. 
  7. MovieStars – A  free movie streaming site for watching and downloading movies in HD quality.
  8. Vudu – It has a simple user interface and ensures the best streaming experience.
  9. Bounce TV – Includes the relevant information and summary of the video content.
  10. PopcornFlix – The site offers excellent navigation and is easy to use, with a vast movie library.
  11. PutLocker – The movie library is expanded to six genres but lacks customization features.
  12. FMovies – It has an extensive movie library and allows streaming in 1080p HD and 4K quality.
  13. MoviesJoy – You can stream free movies in HD without seeing intrusive ads.
  14. StreamLord -It offers a quick and impressive loading speed and ensures a user-friendly experience. 
  15. Peacock TV – It has a sleek interface and an impressive library of movies and TV shows. 
  16. Crackle – The movie content library is extensive and displays limited intrusive ads.
  17. Tubi – The website uses a personalized search engine that recommends the best content.
  18. YesMovies – It is free to use and filters out a movie according to its genre, country, and year of release. 
  19. FlixTor – You can stream movies in high quality and without the intrusion of pop-up ads.
  20. PrimeWire – It has an updated and extensive collection of movies and offers multiple customization options.
  21. The Roku Channel – It enables users to watch high-quality movies for free. 

Streaming channels like Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Hulu are the most popular among users and offer a wide range of streaming content. But because they are pricey and have old-fashioned subscriptions, people are now looking for alternatives. The best free online movie streaming sites are the antidote to watching movies without getting any subscription.

 On these streaming sites, you can find many free movies, from action and comedy to horror and drama. However, most of these streaming sites are shady to use because of containing copyrighted content. Any streaming site that streams unauthorized videos comes with dangers like legal troubles for copyright violations or the risk of infecting your device with malware and being a victim of phishing

Luckily, using the best VPN makes it possible to access free movies without compromising your security. A legitimate VPN provider encrypts your data traffic and keeps your data safe and secure from hackers and phishing attacks. Moreover, it also helps in bypassing geo-blocks and accessing the blocked streaming content. 

So, if you also want to watch online movies for free, read along and find the best online movie streaming sites

21 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

All these movie streaming sites are popular and legal to use. They have extensive movie libraries and ensure the best streaming experience. Let’s read their short reviews and decide the best one among them.

1. 123 Movies

123 Movies

123 Movies is another good option to consider using. It has an extensive movie library and includes movies from all genres. In addition to movies, it even has a section for TV shows, anime, and cartoons, making it the best streaming website. The best part is that it is free to use, and you can access it without signing up for an account. 

The website offers a simple and user-friendly interface. The homepage is well organized and has various streaming sections and a search bar. The database receives updates daily, so you don’t miss out on any latest releases. Moreover, it also allows you to sort out the content based on genre, release year, and country. 

The most significant drawback of 123 Movies is it shows a pop-up and video ads that annoy you. But by using an ad-blocker, you can prevent them. 

2. USTV Go 

1. USTV Go 

USTV Go is the best free movie streaming site that allows you to stream movies and other cable content from all US channels. The website has a simple yet a bit outdated interface, which is no doubt easy to use. You can find different tabs on the homepage, such as news, entertainment, local, kids, and sports. It lets users watch live streaming of popular sports, including the NFL

Another impressive thing about this free streaming site is its FAQ and live forum section. These sections include answers to the questions that you might be looking for. Also, at USTV Go, pop-up ads won’t ruin your streaming experience. But, you need to use a VPN to have complete access to the movie library. 

3. Streamm4U


Streamm4U is another best movie streaming sites with the most extensive collection of free movies in all genres. You can easily find it on this platform if you want to watch action, romance, thriller, or horror. The website has a simple interface and is easy to use and navigate. You can find a movie you’re looking for by entering a search query in the search bar or using filters. It allows you to search movies yearly or genre-wise. 

Moreover, it has a separate section for new movies and a bar on the right side that includes the top films of the day and week. When you open a movie link, it shares details about the movie, like the director’s name, cast, crew, and quality. In this way, it becomes easy to decide if you want to watch it or not. Besides movies, you can also use this site to watch your favorite TV shows. But make sure to use a VPN and ad-blocker. It is important because the website shows misleading and intrusive ads and redirects to unknown sites. 

4. Music HQ 

Music HQ

Another streaming site that allows you to watch and download HD movies is Music HQ. It is a free online website that you can use to watch movies without requiring any registration. The website is popular among users because it includes movies from different genres and provides relevant information like the cast, director, release date, and other users who find it suitable. You can find your favorite movie based on a specific country, genre, and top IMDB. 

The website has a simple interface like Netflix and is easy to use and navigate. Besides movies, it’s widely used to watch TV shows. It also informs you about upcoming movies and TV shows. However, unwanted ads and malicious links that urge you to click on them might ruin your streaming experience. 

5. YouTube 


YouTube is the best free movie streaming platform available as the default app on Android and iOS devices. It contains extensive movies, TV shows, documentaries, news, and a music library. You can find all the video content in different languages and download it for later watching. The best thing about YouTube is that you can subscribe to a channel and watch other related videos without searching. You can change the quality of the video as per your preferences. It allows you to save and like videos and watch them again. Below the videos, you can read other users’ comments and even report a video for being misleading, spam, or promoting violence and vulgarity. 

Moreover, it has a restricted mode that, when enabled, filters out obscene content. So, parents can use this filter to protect their children from watching inappropriate content. The website has recently launched a kids section that makes it a reliable site for children too. However, the most irritating thing about YouTube is the video ads that often interrupt your streaming experience.  

6. IMDb TV

IMDb TV is a free online movie streaming site that Amazon Prime owns and allows you to watch your favorite movie without causing any legal issues. It covers a wide range of movie genres action and romance to thriller and comedy to drama and anime. The site has an intuitive and sleek interface that’s pretty easy to use and navigate. 

This streaming platform is not limited to movies only; you can watch your favorite TV shows anytime. Whenever you select a movie or TV show to watch, you can get all the relevant details. Also, the site includes a brief blurb about the movie/TV show that gives you an idea about the story. However, if you’re outside the US, you need a streaming VPN to access the content library. 

7. MovieStars


MovieStars also ranks as the best online movie streaming site, enabling you to stream movies for free without needing a signup process. It is the oldest and the most popular movie streaming site, and its extensive library proves it. Here you can find movies from across the globe and surprising from the early 90s till the present. Thus, it’s fair enough to say that it has a movie archive, and here, you can find a movie from any genre and any time. 

You can watch your favorite movies in HD quality and download them to watch any other time. It also allows you to find the trending movies and recently added movies on the site. It does inform you about the cast, genre, duration, release date, and origin of the film. You can also share your views about the movies using various emojis or comments. The only thing you won’t like about this site is the intrusive ads, so be ready to deal with them. 

8. Vudu 


Vudu is another reliable online movie streaming platform that you can use to watch movies for free. The website has a simple user interface that is easy to use and ensures a fantastic streaming experience. However, you need to create an account to watch unlimited movies and TV shows streaming. It’s the most popular choice of users because it filters out the results according to their preferences. Like, you can find video content based on your age, release date, studio, and community, meaning 3 or 4 stars rated movies. Also, it contains an extensive movie library of all genres, including documentaries, science fiction, reality, and kids & families. 

The movie library is so vast that you can even find movies from the early 90s. Moreover, it also includes trailers and release dates of the upcoming films that might interest you. The movie file informs you about all the details you need to know. At Vudu, not all movies are free to watch. It even rents and sells movies and TV shows at a low price. Another impressive thing about this streaming site is that it won’t show frequent pop-up ads, nor it would redirect you to unknown sites. 

But, if you live outside the US, you can face geo-blocks, and only a legitimate VPN can help you bypass it. 

9. Bounce TV

Bounce TV

Bounce TV is yet another best free streaming site where you can watch TV shows and movies. You need to sign up for an account to access the video content. It includes the relevant information about the video content you’re willing to watch and a summary. The best thing about this streaming website is that it has an on-air schedule, meaning you can watch movies and TV shows on the decided days and times. It also includes a community and lifestyle tab that might engage users on their site with regular information. 

This online movie streaming site is only available in the US jurisdiction. So, you should have a US IP address to access this website and enjoy unlimited streaming. 

10. PopcornFlix 

PopcornFlix is another reliable movie streaming site that you can use for free and enjoy an incredible streaming experience. The site offers excellent navigation and is easy to use. It has a vast movie library and enables you to watch movies in HD quality. Also, it provides necessary information about the film and allows you to decide if you want to continue watching or want to skip it. 

The best thing about this site is it shows less intrusive ads. But, since it’s not available in all regions, ensure you always connect to a VPN. 

11. Putlocker


Putlocker also ranks as the best streaming site to watch online movies for free. You can watch movies from the UK, the US, China, France, and Korea. The movie library is expanded to six genres and, thus, is not a bad option. It offers an outdated interface that lacks several features that other websites might include. Like on Putlocker, you won’t find any trending or upcoming movies/TV shows. The homepage contains a search bar to enter any title and get the desired results with complete information.

Protecting and maintaining your digital privacy is always a great idea. Thus, you should take care of this and connect to a reliable VPN provider for enhanced security and protection.

12. FMovies


FMovies is an online streaming site popular among users for its comprehensive content library and receives daily updates with fast streaming servers. It is one of the best free movie streaming sites, allowing you to stream in 1080p HD and 4K quality. You can find movies and TV shows in all genres, including action, thriller, comedy, drama, and sci-fi. 

Furthermore, you must sign up for a free account to access the content library. The website offers a user-friendly interface that’s easy to use and navigate. On the homepage, you can find trending movies and TV shows. Also, you can add movies to your watchlist and comment about your streaming experience. In this way, you can help others choose to watch that particular movie. 

Despite being a great streaming site, FMovies comes up with several pop-up ads. Also, it contains some unreliable movie links, so ensure you use a VPN.

13. MoviesJoy


If you want a premium watching experience without paying a single penny, try using MoviesJoy. It is among the best movie streaming sites that allows you to stream in HD quality without displaying intrusive ads. It offers fast loading speed and seamless features that ensure that you won’t experience any buffering. The site has a simple and minimal UI design that’s easy and simple to navigate like you’re browsing Google. You can either use the search bar to find out the movies you’re looking for or filter out from the particular categories. 

Moreover, it has an extensive content library that includes more than 10,000 titles that are updated daily. With such a vast movie library, you can find your favorite movies and either watch them online or download them later. But, since there’s always a legality risk associated with the free streaming sites, it’s better that you first connect to a VPN.

14. StreamLord


StreamLord is yet another great free online streaming website that features high-quality movies and even TV shows. The site offers quick and impressive loading speed. It also provides a user-friendly navigating experience even though the website doesn’t categorize the movies and TV shows according to their release year. The movies and TV shows streams share all the necessary information about the video and even allow you to share your experience via the comments section.

On the homepage, you can easily find the featured and latest movies and can enhance your streaming experience with the latest video content. The website is free from intrusive ads and hence is another reason users prefer using this site. Moreover, you don’t even need a signup or login process and can start watching your favorite content directly. However, the site does collect donations to run the servers, and some users don’t like this.

 15. Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Despite being a relatively new movie streaming site, Peacock TV has gained quite popularity and thus ranks as the best online site you can consider using. It contains an impressive library of movies and TV shows in all popular genres. Moreover, it offers a sleek and user-friendly interface that ensures an excellent user experience. 

Like many other free online movie streaming sites, Peacock TV is only available to some limited countries like the US, UK, Italy, Austria, and Germany. You need to use the best top-rated VPN provider to access the site outside these regions.

16. Crackle

Crackle is also a reliable free movie streaming site that includes a variety of movies to watch online in HD quality. Sony bought it in 2006; since then, it’s been known as Sony Crackle. The movie content library is pretty extensive and updated. Also, you can watch free TV shows from famous studios at a fast loading speed. 

Though the website has an outdated interface, it’s still easy to use and navigate. But for an improved user experience, the site needs an immediate update. An impressive thing about this site is that it comes with low intrusive ads meaning you can somehow enjoy an ad-free streaming experience. However, the free online streaming site isn’t available in all countries, and you need a US IP address to access it. Thus, install a VPN and then access this site to enjoy a free movie streaming experience. 

17. Tubi


Another legitimate free online streaming site is none other than Tubi. You can find over 20,000 movies and TV shows for free, but you need to first register for an account to access them. The website uses a personalized search engine that recommends the best content, and these advanced features make it the best free online movie streaming site. It also informs you about the trending and recently added movies into their library. 

Besides this, Tubi offers support for all popular operating systems and streaming devices like Roku, Xbox, Apple TV, PS4, and Sony. Also, they show you ads to monetize the content provided by their partners. Like Peacock TV, Tubi is also accessible to US citizens. Therefore, make sure you connect to the best VPN for the USA to access Tubi and enjoy a free movie streaming experience.

18. YesMovies


YesMovies is a popular free movie streaming website with a decent content library. The website offers excellent navigation and is pretty easy to use. You can even find any old movie with just a single click. Also, it allows you to filter out a movie according to its genre, country, and year of release. It is entirely free to use and requires no registration. 

But, the most annoying thing about this free movie streaming site is that it shows lots of intrusive ads. These ads keep on disturbing you throughout your streaming experience.

19. FlixTor


FlixTor is also among the free TV series and movie streaming sites that offer a user-friendly interface and are easy to use. It has a vast content library covering all popular genres like action, comedy, crime, drama, fantasy, etc. You can also filter out movies based on the country’s location. Here you can stream your favorite movies in high quality without the intrusion of pop-up ads.

The website requires no sign-up process. You can directly pick up a movie and start watching it straight away. It is continuously updating its database with the latest TV shows and movies and thus is reliable to use. Moreover, it doesn’t collect any of your PII, like an email address or name, so no one can’t ever track you or your activities. However, using anonymity tools like a VPN is an excellent idea to boost your digital presence.

20. PrimeWire


PrimeWire also makes its way into the list of the best streaming sites. It has an effective interface that’s easy to use and allows you to watch movies from various content libraries without delays. The website includes an updated and extensive collection of movies. It offers multiple customization options that make it easy to find the online movie stream. You can watch movies in different languages and add subtitles too. 

The homepage includes a search bar and the latest added TV shows and movies. It also allows you to watch the movie trailer and download it in HD for later watching. Moreover, it includes all the relevant information about the movie and enables you to comment on your experience. There are two significant drawbacks to using PrimeWire. It shows several pop-up ads and contains pirated content, increasing the risk of malware. Hence, make sure you use an ad-blocker and a VPN to keep your online identity and activities anonymous and private. 

PrimeWire is not an entirely free site and offers three different premium plans. So, you can upgrade to the pro version and improve your streaming experience. 

21. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel

The last best free streaming site in this list is the Roku Channel. It enables users to watch high-quality movies for free. You can watch live streaming of movies in all popular genres and even save them into your playlist. When you select a movie, it informs you about the cast, director, and what the movie is about. To stream movies, you first need to create your account. 

The website has a clean and intuitive design and is easy to navigate and use. Like PrimeWire, this streaming website doesn’t come for free. But you can avail yourself of the free trial available in the US region.

Final Thoughts

People look for free online movie streaming platforms to access various movie content without investing. This article has informed you about the best online sites where you can find and enjoy hundreds of movies for free. All these sites are tested and reviewed, so enjoy watching legal films anytime. 

However, don’t forget to use a reliable VPN. It helps get around the geographical restrictions and allows you to download movies safely to watch them later. 

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