How To Check Your Torrent IP For Leaks (5 Quick & Easy Steps)

Rebecca James Last updated: August 7, 2023 Reading time: 14 minutes
Torrent ip leak

Torrenting continually exposes your IP address to the other torrent downloader and the Internet Providers or governmental agencies who could be tracking you. That’s why most torrent users use anonymity tools to mask their identity.

However, conformity for anonymous torrents could only be attained if one regularly checks torrent IPs while connected to their proxy or VPN.

There are many tools for checking torrent IPs, which we will discuss here in this article.

Why do you Need to Check Torrent IPs

Torrenting sometimes causes some serious issues. It could be malware injection, IP monitoring from ISP, or other DMCA notices. However, expert torrents use private trackers with the best compatible VPN service behind torrenting to secure their identity and IP.